HOO’s, who & how U contact us?

Please contact me,    Amanda  – text or call     : 021 125 7775

Email me:  holdingourown@outlook.com 

There are currently no groups running, please contact Amanda

Usually the groups run as below -(medical issues have temporarily stopped this)
Groups Run – The first Wednesday of every month at 6:30 – 8:30pm.
Place –  Rainbow Youth Centre – 11 Edinburgh St, Auckland, 1010 entrance on Abbey St We often meet at cafes too   –  Just a relaxed catch up – come and join us.

Holding Our Own is an independent initiative but is always very grateful for the support of RainbowYouth, their kindness and assistance.

This work involves collaboration and we hope that any inquiry you make will lead us to improve our connections to each other and those around us.

Contact Amanda or join our Facebook (HoldingOurOwnHoo) page to get updates on venue or events that are being planned.

Look forward to meeting you and welcoming you in




2 thoughts on “HOO’s, who & how U contact us?

  1. Hi Amanda, I am doing a post grad paper on Health,Education and Youth development. We have a scenario around transgender bullying in a secondary school. We have 6 strategies we must prioritise and justify. They are=

    Improving the environment
    Providing professional development to staff
    Peer support
    Teaching and learning
    Parents and the community

    I need to cover the parents in the community which is where I found your amazing site. Can you give me any information which I can use and how would you prioritise?

    Many thanks for your help.
    Anne Barham- School Nurse at Henderson High School

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