HOO’s Mission?


Our Mission at Holding our Own is to:

Support parents and whanau through the difficulties that the “coming out” process often begins.

We navigate these difficulties with you, to help facilitate awareness, acceptance, validation, support and safe homes.  Well supported parents  are better equipped to grow strong bonds that keep our children safe.

Education that facilitates deeper understanding of the gender identity, sexual orientation, and LGBTQAI issues means that we challenge the binary beliefs and hero-normative society we live in.  Gender and sexual diversity have existed since the beginning of time, but it can be stressful. This information ensures we are able to value, support and love our children at their most vulnerable.

Educating ourselves about falsehoods, assumptions and stereotypes, empowers us with strategies to manage adversity in schools and society by broadening our thinking.

Our hope is that our young LGBTQ people will grow up free of the fear of violence, bullying and discrimination.

To stop discrimination and ignorance in community, we must first stop it in our homes,  this change will lead the way to more enlightened communities.

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 5.32.45 PM.png

The strengths and gifts that LGBTQAI people bring to their family and communities, means there is a lot to celebrate.

HOO opens a space supporting open dialogue, that builds healthy, respectful relationships.  Sending the message out to all ethnic and cultural communities, that no one is alone!    We encourage and welcome all to participate and support our goals




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