HOO’s Mission?

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Our Mission at Holding our Own is to:

Support parents and whanau through the difficulties that often arise through the “coming out” process. Navigating these difficulties together by creating awareness, acceptance, validation, support, safe homes that aids in developing stronger family bonds resulting in better supported and better equipped parents.

Establishing support for parents and whanau that better understands sexuality and gender diverse people, this means valuing, supporting and loving our children at their most vulnerable.

Educating ourselves about falsehoods, assumptions and stereotypes.  Supporting our families through adversity in schools and society by broadening thinking.  We do this so that our LGBTQ young people may grow up free of fear of violence, bullying and discrimination.

To stop the negative impacts of discrimination and ignorance in our homes first, so that we might lead the way to more enlightened communities who are no longer ignorant or discriminatory of our children and whanau.

Holding Our Own offers the space for open dialogue regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, supporting  healthy and respectful relationships.

Making our message available to all ethnic and cultural communities, to ensure that no one in those communities is alone, and our village grows.


We encourage and welcome all who wish to participate and support our goals, and all those who wish to support others on their life path.


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