Meet-Up Coming your way, come say HI!


Hello Holding Our Own,

It has been a while, I make no apologies I have had some rather large, pretty sad personal issues to address, however I am feeling a little stronger, so lets crack on. 

Even though meet ups were on hold, I have been talking to people on line an on the phone and meeting people one on one.  So things keep moving and grooving.  Rainbow Youth are doing a great job of sending some peeps our way and I have recently had a couple of new people knocking at our door asking for support groups, let have a  cup of coffee, some together time and offer some support to our new members. 

Wednesday the 4 September  – Raye Freeman Library  6:30 – 8pm 

Address: 788 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050

Please RSVP 021 125 7775

Something to share, 

Recently I Spoke at the Rainbow Youth community talk, for the Rainbow Advisory Panel, for the Auckland City Council and the theme was “Belonging and Participation in the community”. It was  held at Rainbow Youth headquarters and was a fabulous community development event. I am hardly a great public speaker but I was so proud to be part of something that will move our children further and further into community in a safe respected way! 


It seems there’s been lots going on in the world around us,  gay, trans, straight or otherwise I would love to see you soon, meet up, catch up with you all and see how things are going in your world.  Please be in touch come and join us for our next session,  it would be great to see you you and lovely for our new comers to see how your lives have moved forward


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