Holding Our Own Rocks it Again!


New Logo HOO 2018Hi all 

Thoughts on the new Logo????

Yes it has been a while – I have been recovering from 2 pretty huge surgeries and it took a bit longer to be up and about, but I am finding my feet again, it just took a bit longer than I thought.   I think Liz can attest to how out of it I was when she bumped me on my first outing and topped up to the eyeballs with painkillers had no idea who she was for a minute!! Sorry Liz – I was very embarrassed!     It has been a long road and continues to be, as I try to regain muscle strength, co-ordination and balance.  

Hmmmm…….. very frustrating for a gal with little patience!

However, I am back and I am very excited because we have a brilliant talk coming up on the 

3rd October    Jim Marjoram   

Religion & Acceptance    3rd October

At 6:30 for 7pm at The Raye Freedman Library 788 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland 

Please RSVP Amanda 021 125 7775 Places are limited.

Jim Marjoram  moved from Australia to New Zealand in 1989.   For over 40 years he feared speaking out and sharing his reality. As a teen he turned to Christianity  to find a “solution” to fix his homosexuality  and desperate to be a straight man he married twice living a life of lies, deception, self-hatred, depression and suicidality. In the 90s Jim became involved with Living Waters reparative therapy organisation, extolling the virtues of the organisation and the power of God to change orientation.

But nothing had changed, it was a deceptive and damaging lie – his Good Christian facade  was hiding religious obsession, depression and self loathing.

Following the death of his wife in 2011, he began to look deeply into his faith, sexuality and life, establishing the Silent Gays project to provide resources, compassion, unconditional love and safe places for those silently suffering.

Jim is a NZ author and a well know figure in the LGBT circles – Please come and share his story and bring your questions and wonderings? I know he will be happy to chat. 

Limited spaces – please confirm by email your place name, phone number and number of people attending  holdingourown@outlook.com

Please if you are able to bring a plate or Koha to cover costs, I would be very grateful



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