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In the News!

Violent assault at gay bar Family Bar on K Rd     24 Jul, 2017 1:08pm   – HERALD


James Laverty, who sometimes appears as drag queen Miss Chocolate, was seriously assaulted outside Family Bar last week. Photo / Dean Purcell NZ Herald

A man working at a gay bar has been seriously injured after he was beaten up by a man and woman last week.

James Laverty, who sometimes appears as drag queen Miss Chocolate, was working at K Rd’s Family Bar on July 16. The Herald understood he was not dressed in drag at the time.

A man and woman were refused entry to the bar and a fight took place when they would not leave the premises, Detective Senior Sergeant Nina Pedersen said.


Family Bar on K Rd where the assault occurred. Photo / Jason Dorday

Laverty then called 111 to get help from Police. While he was on the phone he was violently assaulted by the duo and suffered serious injuries to his jaw, cheek and eye socket.

He later posted to Facebook a photo of his swollen and cut face. Laverty said he was very upset and shocked with the assault. He said it would take weeks to recover and he was determined to find the culprits.

“I got hurt and not for the right reasons.

“It will take me a few weeks to recover and be able to come back to work.”

Auckland City CIB is investigating the assault.

Pedersen said they were following positive lines of inquiry and supporting the victim through this difficult time.


With the latest LGBT discriminatory move by Trump we face a world where discrimination is brazenly put out there, point blank into society and condoned by a first world leader?  It’s okay to bash a small community already on its knees.   I believe this takes giant steps backwards and it will not be easily undone or resolved, this is a human rights violation this is discrimination.   I wonder what this means for our children all standing under the LGBTQ umbrella?  My son is the G bandied about in this line of letters , a full blown human with rights and a life, is he and his friends next on Donald’s list? Do the republican, right wingers have a free pass to discriminate? Will that give every conservative person worldwide justification to discriminate and feel self-righteous about their stance?   I am hoping that the world notices the greater human rights issues being destroyed, that it notices that we will move backwards if this is followed through – I hope the world stands up and says enough! But this is about such a small minority, living a reality that few understand, a concept very difficult for conservative traditionalists to grasp, I wonder if it will be passed off as just be another Trump moment! I post the News above as a reminder we are not as warmly accepted or equal in NZ – these bashings are not new.


We need to stand against ideas and beliefs worldwide that support behaviours and actions that threaten this community  and are justified by a universal belief that LGBT is deserving of abuse!

I stand against discrimination every time – stand with me and be heard!

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