WoWeeeeee Its May Already!!


Hello HOO People

Yes, Yes, Yes!! Its that time of month again where we gather together in the spirit of warmly, holding ourselves and our children. Creating a space to breathe out and take a load off!

Welcome back this time it is Wowweeeeee MAY!!!! This year is galloping ahead and I hope you are all having a more balanced year.

This week I was wondering if you could find an LGBT news clipping, article, video, finding, here in NZ or world wide that made you stop and think, scratch your head, sigh deeply, smile etc.

Lets talk about it, find some way or rationalising and challenging some of these ideas.

We will meet at the Rainbow Youth Centre – bring a packet of your favourite soup! Lets get snug and chat!


11 Edinburgh St, Entrance on Abby Street


C U There

e2952cee2e8c3f1d27aa65ab47f99199.jpg  472634755-gay-marriage-funny-quotes.jpg  Unknown.jpeg

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