Hello People! Can you believe it’s April??

Hi all
Time for a catch up?

Time to see how we are all doing, catch up, shoot the breeze – it is time to plan for the year ahead.


I wanted to make note: Julia Groeneweg who is running our meet ups in Wellington has been amazing on our Face Book and we have also been getting a fair bit of communication and connection through Facebook. Thanks Julia I really appreciate the help and you are way better at it than I could ever be a huge hug!.

I have found that since Pride we had a fair bit of exposure and as a result I have had a number of calls from people here, far and wide to talk and consider their positions. It is remarkable and reassuring, how many people are so supportive, so educated and so in tune with their children and all they need is a little vote of encouragement.

I am very happy to remain a life line on line for these families who are finding their own path. I am also surprised at how many would like support groups and to meet with families going through the same. I encourage them all to open a HOO near them! I hope too that our little group will expand and grow.
Our meet up this month will be Wednesday 5th April ay 6:30 at
Cafe Cezanne
296 Ponsonby Rd
09-376 3338

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