MARCH HARES! First meeting for 2017 Welcome HOO Peeps!

After a brilliant Pride Parade, warmly welcomed by Rainbow Youth, a wonderful support to Holding our Own. HOO had a felt proud walking with Rainbow Youth who are just awesome, THANKS RY for your support and inclusion you rock!
What a great Pride bigger, bolder, brighter and better than ever, it was great!!

16998165_1645297055775668_2571771172475908193_n.jpg         16997724_1645297089108998_5652564159293349501_n.jpg

8 March
Rainbow Youth.
At 6:30 till 8pm.
It will be a great time to catch up, connect and hopefully welcome some of our new members
FYI did an interview and spoke on RNZ with some very clued in people – take a listen

(Oh the SA accent is awful – do I really sound like that???)

Raising a Transgender Child in NZ – Teresa Cowie


that is enough entertainment for now see you next week!!
Lets get cracking and welcome in new families, reconnect, catch up and just generally get together! Please let me know if I will see you there


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