PRIDE 2017 –

HOO logo 2Hello  Holding Our Own allies !!

Well, it is that time of year again and we are meeting to represent and support our children in the LGBTQAI community.

While our children are blessed enough to have the support they do, we recognise the ongoing journey  and need for further change both in our country and the millions more around the world who do not benefit from the nurturing, safety and acceptance we are able to share.  This march is a start to educating, to opening minds and celebrating achievements.  It is done in a spirit where carnival becomes the starting place to share ideas and connect to discuss issues.  Pride highlights the need to open conversations, reflect on differing opinions and perspectives and in a safe space hear the voices all around the world saying they will not be ignored, shoved aside or “fixed”!

Our children draw strength from our show of solidarity, our courage encourages others to reach out and stand tall for their children. We are the change that others speak about and standing as an ally is a choice that says we will not accept the discriminatory attitudes that place our children in danger, we will not accept homelessness, isolation, discrimination, depression, suicide for a lifestyle that is not a choice.

We stand together to support each other, to give our children a soft place to land when the world is cruel, to send the message that there is not only one right way, that life has many miracles and our children fit that description too.

I invite you to walk with us, as HOO represents the Parents, the whānau, siblings, friends, colleagues, the greater community that reflects the value of equality and inclusion.

We will walk with the Rainbow Youth – our greatest supporters

When: Saturday 25th Feb, 6pm – 10pm

Where: Ponsonby Road

What: Join and rep equality with HOO at  the parade down Ponsonby Rd!

We will metal the starting point from 5:30pm on. Look for RY and you will find HOO as we will walk with

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 6.35.23 PM.png



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