September is here!

This month after a lovely brainstorm, we are changing things up a bit!! 

We have some members of the LGBTQ community joining us for chat; they will share their experiences of being part of the LGBT community in NZ.  It might be nice to understand the good, the positive and the challenging aspects of being LGBTQ in our country.  Their perspective on world LGBT events and solidarity during those times.  Also their experience of positive and difficult whanau relations.

It is a also time for a change of venue

This month we are heading to Cezanne Café they are open late and we need a fresh approach. I need to book a table so please let me know you are going to join us.

Cezanne Café  – 296 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland 1011

7 September at – Wednesday

6:30 – 8:30


Radio NZ interview – follow the link  –

Have a listen to David Levithan give his view of the Orlando shooting and ‘hate’ crime. He takes a look at Trump’s  rhetoric. He talks about  social change and how people sharing their stories of change

David Levithan talks about the  Q in LGBTQ  ‘queer’, or ‘questioning’, how LGBTQ+  ‘LGBTQ’ means identifying as queer and not wanting to label themselves.

He also talks a bit about the evolution of LGBTQ young adult literature with a number of amazing young queer writers who’ve written a variety of voices. It isn’t just the miserable story anymore.


(OffEASTERN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY | Te Aho a Māui | New Zealand – website – photo of Elizabeth Kerekere  May 2013)

This resource is based on Elizabeth Kerekere’s 35 years of activism and her doctoral research on takatāpui identity and well-being. This was a valuable Māori resource packed with positive, useful information and outlook.

The term ‘takatāpui’ embraces all Māori with diverse gender identities and sexualities.

“Elizabeth Kerekere’s    –  TOP TAKATAPUI TIPS

  • Takatāpui embraces all Māori with diverse gender identities and sexualities
  • Being takatāpui is based on whakapapa, mana, identity and inclusion
  • We all inherit our gender and sexuality from our ancestors – it is part of our wairua
  • Takatāpui are part of the whānau – always have been, always will be
  • Whānau don’t need to get it, they just need to be there
  • Discrimination (transphobia, homophobia and biphobia) hurts all of our whānau
  • Mana Wāhine is the platform for fighting discrimination against takatāpu
  • Being takatāpui does not foster depression and suicide, discrimination does • Takatāpui identity proudly celebrates our unique Māori selves without apology or shame
  • The takatāpui movement honours our ancestors, respects our elders, works closely with our peers and looks after our young people
  • Takatāpui well-being rests within whānau, friends and Rainbow communities
  • Takatāpui allies promote acceptance and challenge discrimination wherever it occurs”

She explains that  “Whānau at our Best: It is the fundamental job of whānau to look after each other and especially their children and young people.”


Hongi – Ed Cocker (R) of Auckland is greeted by a Maori “HongI” before the National Rugby Sevens at Queenstown Recreation Ground on January 12, 2013 in Queenstown, New Zealand.(Jan. 11, 2013 – Source: Teaukura Moetaua/Getty Images AsiaPac)


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