July, is here – lets meet on the 6th

Since we last met….

Sometimes I wonder if there is any value that the HOO group holds, is it enough, do I do enough, it seems to ebb and wane and I think ahh maybe people are getting it, maybe this is not necessary anymore but the something like Orlando Florida shooting happens and I know beyond anything that this advocacy is essential.

On June twelfth my heart broke for every parent who lost a child in the shooting, I was literally paralysed with horror, it was a chilling realisation to see the result of what others may want for my son, I was appalled and angered, I was very, very angry that anyone felt they had the right to destroy life because of their personal beliefs and personal failure as a human being.

Ignorance, religion, fear killed 49 people and terrorised and maimed 53 others, countless families, allies, friends, people are touched and impacted by such an atrocious act. I always think, we are sitting ignorance thinking our children are safe, but in fact it takes just one nutter to destroy so many lives.

Holding our own took part in a vigil on the 13th, I lit a candle on all our behalf, it was arranged very quickly ad suddenly – I apologise for not getting news out but working full time I simply did not have the ability to do so in time. However I did speak as parents of gay and trans youth, i lit a candle and prayed for insight, love and compassion. I prayed for equality, kindness and acceptance.

No sooner were we walking through this loss dis idiocy strike again it seems very few learned anything as the picture below – a fathers day tribute to love and affection – was deemed unfit because it was “TOO GAY!!!????”
seriously, do we hear anything we say? Here, in touching photograph, a father who presumably with his wife produced a son, who followed in his foot steps to achieve the same, is TOO GAY? Too gay meaning not good? Not right? Too Gay? where was the photo from? Jacksonville, Florida USA! – I weep in frustration and dismay.

In memory of the innocent lives lost … God bless


See you on the 6th at Rainbow Youths new diggs

11 Edinburgh St, Auckland, 1010 entrance at the back in Abbey Street

6:30 pm

Check out these posts, perhaps we can do more?





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