Proud Pride Parents of HOO! Yahoo

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HOLDING OUR OWN – HOO in Pride for the first time!

Holding Our Own Hoo proudly participated in the NZ Pride 2016 alongside their very special supporters Rainbow Youth.

Our parents and allies of LGBTQ were overwhelmed by the warm encouragement that rocked us forward! I have to say we were a wonderful colourful spectacle and we felt we were exceptionally well received.  It was an incredible overwhelming feeling of joy, love, kindness, understanding, acceptance and hope for others to be proud supporters of their children regardless of their sexuality or gender.

First an enormous thank you to RainbowYouth who support us and bring us into this community with great kindness and consideration. I cannot speak more highly of this team of fantastic people. I appreciate all you do, so very much.

Thank you to Ross of Big Ideas for the most spectacular ride ever! Amazing opportunity to use that exceptional car! I really had to wonder if it was the work we are doing that was being applauded or the fabulous car! A bit of both I reckon.

All in all, it was a brilliant day, the car was not only gorgeous to look at, it saved some very weary activists, walking a fair way in the heat!

A massive thanks to our very patient driver Eckhard Stalmann who was patient skilled and very handsome!

Thanks Karen and Drew for your inspired Banner – it worked like magic – i just hope you could feel your arms the next day!

Thank you 4M+Funxtion who helped us with signs, support and love!

WhoooHoooo what a great experience what a magical day!


Thanks again see ya next month and we will do this again next year!

Amanda Aarons

021 125 7775

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