I simply cannot believe its our meet up time again, I have been crazy busy and suddenly BAAM!   Here we are again!  No big song and dance this week just an invite to say we are meeting and here are the details.

5 August at 6:30 – 8 PM   at the Rainbow Youth Centre 281 K’rd Auckland  and I would love to see you there! Please feel free to call me if you are unsure of anything, 021 125 7775 – Amanda

Please join us, your being there is a benefit to all the people who are part of the group and this is a healthy way to deal with the difficulties you may be juggling!  Come and feel hugged and welcome.

To day I found this and thought it worth a read and watch:

“ My coming out: My mother’s unconditional love made it possible” Tranna Wintour-   worth it!!


(Picture from the article in )

It is a great reminder of the power we have in our children lives, even when we feel impotent our acceptance is healing and vital!



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