1 JULY – Meeting Reminder

1 JULY – WEDNESDAY – 6: 30 – 8 ish – 281 K’Rd Auckland City

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 18.32.26

Reminder for this month
YES YES YES!!! it is a new month a new day and we are meeting this week Wednesday and I am so happy to see you all again!

6: 30 – 8 ish – 281 K’Rd Auckland City – Wednesday evening –  1st of July

What fabo news to wake up to yesterday “50 States of gay!!“ Equality, no discrimination, love wins! I could not be more excited because I believe that this will begin the roll on, into other countries that are dragging there heels. Ultimately our children will have fewer barriers to navigate in a life that is often so much more difficult! Yay to the USA it is a brilliant and brave choice. I feel this victory like all the others is just one more way to let us all know our children are going to be fine in the world and we need to help the stranglers catch up!

It seems a long while since we all saw each other so come on over, ignore the cold we will huddle close. Come join us in for a chat, coffee, support, warmth and kindness that is needed by us all!

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Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 18.26.04

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