Yay It’s May HOO is Meeting

Yay it’s May!

Always good to have new members Welcome to you all.

I hope that the message is getting out there to all the Parents, family, Whānau and allies that this group is open to anyone wanting support to resolve and rebuild relationships.  

We meet the first Wednesday of every month at – We are meeting on the 6th of May next week
Rainbow Youth – 281 K’rd  at
6:30  – – come and say hi!  6:30pm to about 8pm keeps it viable to have enough time to get there after work and also get home at a reasonable time too.

I am often busy chatting and forget myself so please help yourselves to coffee and a biscuit, don’t be shy I am often side tracked!

Please join our conversation, your contribution is invaluable to our community, your support and your care is vital to all our families and we would love to see this community grow.

I look forward to meeting you.
Hugs                                                                                                  Amanda  021 125 7775

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