OUR FIRST MEETING THIS YEAR! YAY! Come meet up, c u there!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome, back, this has been a busy time for me and I am now back full force and fully engaged.

So Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!

This year we will be meeting once a month on the first Wednesday of each month. This month the first meeting is 4th March 2015!

we will meet at either RainBow Youth Premises 281 K’ rd or we may be able to use the Ray Freeman Library in Remuera from time to time, I’m hoping you will give me some feedback on where will be most comfortable. This month the very gracious RY space 281 K’rd

We will meet at 6:30pm so that we all have time to get there after work but that we get home at a reasonable time too.

Coffee and biscuit will be available

Please come in and meet me, come and join the conversation, your contribution is invaluable to our community, your support and your care is vital to all our children and we would love to let this little community grow. I look forward to meeting up with you

Warm Hug
Amanda Aarons


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