Hey all you HOO supporters

Please note our meeting day has changed to Wednesdays’ effective from the 4 June.
I will be waiting to meet you 281 K’ rd at Rainbow Youths space. Please feel comfortable and join me for a culpa and a chat, I would love to meet you. With open arms no judgement allowed, wanting only the very best for you and your family.

Let’s put the PC nonsense aside and tackle these issues head on. Growing our village together!
This group is open to all allies of LGBTQ children including mum’s, dad’s, sisters, brothers, grans, granddads, aunts uncles, friends, whanau, children of LGBTQ we are just interested in happy, healthy families no matter what shape they come in!

call me Amanda on 021 125 7775 I would love to get to know you. also please check out our web page http://www.holdingourown.co.nz

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